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And here she is reminding George Osborne of the legal obligation to perform a gender budget analysis of his Autumn Statement proposals, with a rolling pin:

City Remembrancer Paul Double with then Prime Minister Gordon Brown in 2008
And it seems that Parliament has forgotten everyone else, and are blind to all aspects of the economy other than finance – only 3% of which is productive. So the Feminist Geographer has decided to remind them. She’s going to remind them of the importance of the everyday, the care economy, the swapping, and the gift-giving that make up a far more important proportion of life to most people than financial capital – unless of course, you’re a banker.
Feminist Geographer started by patiently taking up her position behind the speaker. But soon moved on to more direct reminders of the importance of the every day. Here she is reminding our democratic representatives of the importance of reproductive labour (aka housework) with cookie cutter ninja stars:

Special Agent Feminist Geographer is cross. She’s been cross since 2010 when the first austerity package came in to socialise the bank-bailout. She’s got steadily crosser as it’s clear that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. And although yes, it’s always been like that – it now seems even clearer than ever that they’re doing it on purpose. SO that’s it. No more cute things about celebrity chefs or lingerie chefs – we’re going to go all feminist political economy on their arses. No more Ms Nice Person.

And here’s why FG is cross exhibit A: The City Remembrancer. The City Remembrancer is an officer of the City of London – the capital’s financial district - who has a place in parliament next to the Speaker. His role is to remind parliament of the powers of the bankers – should the ever have the audacity (democratic mandate notwithstanding) to try to regulate the City of London. This role was originally created after bankers had helped King Henry VIII engineer Caridnal Wolseley’s demise – who had attempted to impose progressive taxation on the City. The Remembrancer was created to remind the King of his debt – and is the world’s first lobbyist.

And it’s not medieval – he’s still with us: