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After the reading there was a public brainstorm focussed on strategies to attack the City of London Corporation from from every concievable angle and for the rest of our lives, culminating in a barnstorming ceilidh that saw the Feminist Bureau of Investigation re-launched in style.

A big thanks to all those who assembled and for your ideas.

The event got underway with a mission statement and program of intent, followed by questions. There then followed a reading from a local FBI agent who chose the chapter on the City of London Corporation from Treasure Islands: Tax Havens and the Men who Stole the World by Nicholas Shaxson.

The FBI re-launch lunch went ahead under tight security at the Matalan Spire Suite in Dalston.

It was a great event which was lovingly catered for by the Dalston Kitchen and R&B Doughnuts, with soothing acoustic melodies provided by the very popular Lone Guitarist.

FBI Re-Launch Lunch at the Matalan Church